Origin of Clover

As a grassroots programmer for over 16 years, I’ve been using Total Commander as the preferred file management tools and gVim, CMD as a few essential tools for development . However, because of my qualifications dull, I’m not been able to use TC’s powerful, at most, only use its multi-tab, FTP, fixed folder.

So, I and several other grassroots programmers, hope to do a product similar to TC, but easy, simple to use. However, because the business is too busy, so until March of this year, I resigned from the Company. Concentrate on the nest at home, behind closed doors, after months of hard work, when a long-cherished wish come true, clover made coming. Free? Charges? This is not a problem, the good thing of course, wants to share with everyone, hee hee.

As for the naming of the software is really a problem that has not been a satisfactory name, take the first Clover (Clover), meaning multi-tab functionality.

Clover 1.0 is the first such released, Hello world, here I come!

3man and nick provide a few nice icon, and everyone can download to replace the dfault one.

(by 3man) (by nick).